Lecture 1
Big Data is Set to Become the Game Changer
Imelda Muti, IBM
Defining Big Data.
Big Data as a new business concept - new values and opportunities for a number of stakeholders, Big Data as a new technology concept - we need to combine internal and external data, utilized and under-utilized data, structured and unstructured data … and cross-link organization knowledge & data silos. Big data embodies new data characteristics created by today’s digitized marketplace.

Big Data as a Macro-Trend and the State-of-the-Art.
Big Data Analytics has evolved from business initiative to business imperative. There are five key findings highlight how organizations are moving forward with big data. Customer analytics are driving Big Data initiatives.

The business impact of the Big Data & Deep Dive on selected Big Data Experiences.
What can you do with Big Data? What can Big Data do in Financial Services, Transportation, Health & Life Sciences, Telecommunications, Utilities, IT, Retails, and Law Enforcement? This lecture will share the business impact of the Big Data & Deep Dive on selected Big Data Experiences in some industries.

A Big Data IT Perspective.
From an IT perspective leveraging Big Data and Big Data Analytics requires multiple platform capabilities. The IBM approach is to provide a complete platform to support this evolution. This lecture will also share the IBM perspective of building a big data platform with some of the IBM solution.
Lecture 2
Searching the Social Web
Bogdan Cautis, University of Paris-Sud
This presentation will give of overview of interesting, challenging and practical problems involving social networks and the Web, focusing on answering user information needs in search and recommendation scenarios.
Lecture 3
Web Security
Pierre Senellart, Télécom ParisTech
There are now billions of users of the World Wide Web, and hundreds of millions of active Web sites. Thanks to content management systems, creating a new Web site is a matter of minutes. But the Web is also a hostile environment, for both Web users and Web masters, with malevolent individuals continuously searching for security faults to exploit for profit. We review in this lecture the main security issues arising in both client-side (browser) and server-side security, explaining what they are, how they can be exploited, and how to remedy them. The lecture assumes basic knowledge about Web technologies.